Medical services


 Screening (annual check; cancer smear, ultrasound scans depending on the situation)

 Breast screening

 Menopause counselling

 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and alternatives to hormone replacement therapy

 Osteoporosis clarification and treatment

 Detailed contraception advice (contraception)

 Support prior to, during and after malignant gynaecological disease

 Support after surgical treatment

 Incontinence: clarification and discussion of the therapeutic options (conservative / surgical)

Senology - Diagnostics and treatment of breast ailments

 Rapid clarification and treatment of breast ailments (first appointment for a new disease as far as possible always within 48 hours).

 Closely guided support, from diagnosis to completion of treatment (swift outpatient sample taking, breast surgery, hospital care, etc.), in appropriate situations, direct surgical removal of the diseased tissue and simultaneous breast reconstruction with the help of a plastic surgeon.

 Regular aftercare after malignant breast disease according to the guidelines of the Swiss Society of Senology (clinical breast examination, ultrasound scan of the breast, mammography, etc.).

Pregnancy and birth

 Early diagnosis of pregnancy (heartbeat detectable from 6th week of pregnancy)

 Detailed advice on all matters concerning pregnancy and delivery as well as procedure (spontaneous delivery / Caesarean).

 Monitoring during pregnancy

 Antenatal diagnostics: antenatal diagnostics, first trimester screening (nuchal translucency measurement), PrenaTest (genetic examination based on DNA of foetal origin circulating in the maternal blood)

 Detailed and extensively commented ultrasound scans (if wished with documentation of the images on a USB stick).

 Upon request, care during childbirth and during the postpartum period (Hirslanden Clinic, Aarau) in the case of private and semi- private insured female patients. By arrangement for generally insured patients.

Surgical procedures

 Gynaecological disease operations:

  Hysterectomy using laparoscopy, with or without removal of the ovaries

  Endoscopy of uterus

  Surgery for incontinence problems

  Surgery for malignant diseases of the ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes

 Breast disease surgery.

 Obstetric surgical procedure (Caesarean section).

What we value:

 Welcoming you in urgent medical situations, if possible, on the same day.

 Providing you with thorough and up-to-date advice in all our specialist fields.

 When you are not our patient but require a "second opinion": being there for you.